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Sunday, August 26, 2012

Mark of Royalty

Walden Ladies Read Mark of Royalty!

Recipe for the perfect Book Club  
  1. A group of amazing and varied ladies - Check!
  2.  Refreshments - CHECK 
  3. Interesting, different and sometimes unusual books - CHECK  
  4. A casual atmosphere where no one is afraid to share their opinion - CHECK
  5. An occasional field trip or book related activity - CHECK  
  6. Just a pinch of interesting guest speakers to spice up our routine  once in a while - CHECK

Yep, our 13 year old Walden Ladies Book Club pretty much has it all!!  Just back from our annual retreat to the Utah Shakespeare Festival, we had the opportunity to host the author of our August book selection.

The book we read was Mark of Royalty and one of the authors, Jennifer Clark came to talk to us about publishing this, her first book.  She also talked about her book that is about to be published and the one that's in the writing stages right now.  We had all read the book, and found it to be charming.  It is the tale of a young woman of royal birth, who is spirited out of the country, due to political concerns, and is raised as the daughter of a fellow country woman abroad.  The story unfolds as she grows, learns about the world and eventually becomes interested in a handsome young man ... but then, I don't want to spoil the ending for you. Let me just say that we found the plot to be intriguing and romantic, a combination that is hard to beat.

Jennifer, shown on the right, did a great job of presenting her experience of breaking into the world of her own printed word ... she was also very gracious in answering our many and varied questions.  Thanks for coming Jennifer, you are welcome to come and join us anytime, you really felt like a member of our book club family. PS We loved your book!!

Thank you, Paula, for hosting our August book club at your lovely historic home and for the fun write-up and photos!

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